Sunday, February 13, 2011

The town clock.....

The Town Clock, in the distance, seen from my office window.

From my office window I have a view of the skyline.  It is certainly not a ‘New York skyline’ but, when the leaves are off the trees, there is always something interesting to see.  Several weeks ago I spotted workers constructing scaffolding around the clock tower of the First Reformed Church of New Brunswick.   I have watched these 3 ‘hardhats’ make their way up the town clock, level by level, until they reached the peak and, after their work was done, disassemble the scaffolding.  They would begin their workday well before 8 AM in the bitter winter cold and I was always pleased when we had a ‘mild’ day.  I knew it would make their work easier.  Being able to see their progress from a distance was truly enjoyable.  The First Reformed Church has great history behind it and I was amazed to read that the Town Clock I watched was not their property but the property of the city.  How wonderful to see preservation in action.

Workers during assembly, silhouetted against the winter sky

Workers quickly disassemble the scaffolding.

The winter sun bounces off the clock tower dome
showing it as a beautiful green against the gray winter sky

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