Friday, February 4, 2011

On the way home...

When I took my photography course way back in 2009, the realization that you see differently through a camera lens really hit home.  You not only see differently; you feel more of what is around you, you catch things you normally would overlook, your perspective changes.  It’s a cool, beautiful thing.  The only problem is that it’s often difficult, if not impossible, to carry around a digital SLR – especially as you move through the work day.  So, in place of my D5000, I’ve been using a point & shoot and having a ball.  Granted, many of the pictures are or were crooked or blurred but it has certainly made the drive to and from work a lot more interesting and actually enjoyable.  Go figure!

Demonstrators at rush hour making a request of our President.
Here are some shots of the view on my way from the office.  Maybe this will push me forward to tackle street photography, something I would love to be good at.     Why not try it - look through a camera lens and change your perspective.
Rush for the bus.
The Heldrich, one of two high-end hotels in town. Word is they charge extra for rooms overlooking Monument Square.
College students wait in the cold for the next bus. I love her hat!

Colorful, local grocery.
The beautiful entrance to a local church existing in the middle of an overcrowded, inner-city neighborhood.

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