Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mother Nature must have been really sad.....

She cried ice today (2/2/11) and covered every exposed surface with her tears.  All colors seemed to have been washed away and replaced by drab shades of brown, gray, white, and black.  And the only bright spots were the traffic lights blinking at us as we made our way through the slush to work.  Tree branches were turned into gnarled claws as they bent under the weight of ice and swayed againt the bitter cold wind.  I'm hoping Mother Nature smiles tomorrow - at least a little.

A delicate dogwood in the front yard, covered in a shall of ice following a freezing rain.

Thanks to the pedestrian in the red jacket who added a hint of color to this dreary view from the office window. Believe me, he's there some place among the snow and ice.

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