Friday, January 21, 2011

And so I begin...

Hey, I’m intrigued by this blog stuff.  I’m not sure why and, up until a short while ago, I didn’t even know what “blog” meant (yes, that's right).  I discovered the word is a blend of the words web log, but you probably already knew that.  Then I found out I could have different types of blogs –a music blog with MP3s, an audio blog a.k.a. podcasting, a photolog or phlog (yikes!) or I could even do microblogging which would be short posts.  I guess that would be like getting a post card in the mail instead of a nice long letter.  Don’t you miss getting letters in the mail – you know, nice letters, not letters from bill collectors?

Well, I think I’ll stick to a nice normal blog and, since photography is my passion, I’m going to concentrate on that with some other hopefully interesting stuff thrown in –maybe a recipe once in a while or a rant about the woman who blew through the stop sign and nearly broadsided me or maybe a question about the meaning of life (oh boy!).

And, as far as the photography goes, I’m no professional – only an enthusiast who wonders what others see through their eyes?  I look at some of the photos on-line or in magazines and ask myself - what was the person behind the camera seeing or thinking or feeling when they hit the shutter release?  And why is that photo blurry or crooked?  Did they want it that way?  Why was that moment significant?  I’d really like to know.  I’d like to know what you’re seeing or thinking when you look at my photos or read what precedes or follows.  So, I’ll let you know what I see and I’d really like to know what you see.   Maybe we see or think the same or maybe we don’t.  Or maybe you’ll just like what’s here or maybe you won’t.  I can’t wait to find out.

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